20 Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Most kitchens these days are SMALL! There is not very much room for storage so everything gets crammed into the few cabinets that we have. If you ask me, there is nothing worse than having an unorganized kitchen! I’m sure most of you agree with that…

One of my biggest pet peeves is having to pick up every single pot and pan just to find the one I need! Oh.. and forget trying to find the right lid.

I decided that it was time to fix that problem a couple weeks ago.

After shopping around online some I came across these totally awesome cabinet organizers! They make them specifically for pots, pans and lids.

I did my research and finally decided to purchase them so I could see for myself.

They are AMAZING! I couldn’t believe that I waited so long to make such a small investment that makes such a HUGE difference. It has been the perfect solution and also made me come to the conclusion that just a few simple changes can eliminate the clutter and easily maximize storage space.

I’m always on the lookout for new products and ideas to keep my kitchen organized, and I’m going to share everything with you!

Check out these other super easy storage solutions I found to help keep your kitchen clutter-free!


1. DIY Mason Jars for storage and label with chalkboard labels.

DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Organization

2. Use Command Hooks to store cleaning supplies inside your cabinet door.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Storage and Organization

3. Organize your pantry with baskets and chalkboard labels.

Pantry Organization -Labeled Baskets

4. Use plastic storage baskets to declutter kitchen towels.

Organize Kitchen and Dish Towels
Home Storage Solutions 101

5. Use a cabinet organizer to get your tupperware cabinet in order!

Tupperware Organization

6. Put an under the shelf wire rack in your cabinet to maximize space.

Plastic Wrap and Foil Organization
Beneath My Heart

7. Create storage inside your cabinets for measuring cups and a conversion chart.

Measuring Cup Storage and Conversion Chart - Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas
Princess Pinky Girl

8. Over the cabinet organizer for extra storage space.

Over the cabinet organizer for kitchen

9. Save counter space with a knife set on a magnetic strip.

Colorful Knife Set and Magnetic Strip for Kitchen Organization

10. DIY a coffee station or coffee bar for a more organized and functional kitchen.

DIY Home Coffee Bar - Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas
Lures and Lace

11. Expand storage space instantly with a sink shelf.

Maximize Counter Space with an Over the Sink Shelf - Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas
Carol Wright

12. Create decorative countertop storage with coffee, sugar, and tea canisters.

Organize Counter Tops with Decorative Coffee Tea and Sugar Canisters - Kitchen Storage Ideas

13. Label storage containers for your pantry or cabinets to easily get added storage.

Label Clear Storage Containers for Pantry or Cabinets - Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas
The Creativity Exchange

14. Use a dry food dispenser to increase counter/cabinet space.

Dry Food Dispenser for Small Kitchens and Decreasing Food Waste

15. A three tier tray/stand will increase counter space and doubles as beautiful decor!

Galvanized Three Tiered Tray - Added Storage for an Organized Kitchen
The Hamby Home

16. A pull out trash can cabinet will make your kitchen look clean and tidy.

Pull Out Trashcan for an Organized Kitchen
Neal’s Design-Remodel

17. Easily create more space by using an adjustable bakeware rack for your pans and cookie sheets.

Keep Cookie Sheets and Pans with a Metal Organizer - Storage for your Kitchen Cabinets
Driven by Decor

18. Use these soap dispensers instead of your unsightly dish soap bottles.

Easy DIY Kitchen Upgrade - Switch Soap Bottles with Beautiful Soap Dispensers
DIY & Craft Ideas Magazine

19. This is pure genius! Use a storage container for your flour and sugar for extra organization.

Flour and Sugar Storage for Extra Organization in your Kitchen
Baby Center Blog

20. Keep your sink clean with this awesome cutlery cleaner!

Kitchen Organization - Cutlery Cleaner for a clean sink
Simply Good Stuff


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