Easy DIY Bathroom Makeover Ideas

I recently picked out new paint for my bathroom, then decided it was getting a makeover! It needs a fresh look and I really needed some DIY inspiration..  I’ve seen a lot of dramatic bathroom remodels, but I am looking for some creative alternatives for those. I would like to do something fairly easy and a little less time consuming.

I bought this for my master bathroom the other day. It looks so good in there and helps with organization!

These are some other ways I can easily revamp my bathroom.

DIY Mirror Makeover - Bathroom Ideas
DIY Mirror Makeover – Bathroom Ideas

I have wanted to do something like this for a long time! The wood framing around the mirror looks really awesome, but everything I have read doesn’t make it seem as simple as this.

Pallet Wall Toilet Room Makeover
Pallet Wall Toilet Room Makeover

I really love this idea! Although the pallet wall changes the feel of the room, I think shelves on the wall or a cute light fixture would complete the look.

Bathroom Cabinet Update - Before and After
Bathroom Cabinet Update – Before and After

This is a MUST! My cabinets are currently white, however I think the darker colors look much nicer. This may be a little more challenging, but oh so worth it! The mirror mentioned above would go perfectly with these cabinets.

DIY Airstone Bathtub Makeover
DIY Airstone Bathtub Makeover

I think this would give the bathroom some personality and make it look a bit more decorative. I would like to know how durable this is since I have a toddler who splashes water all down the side of the tub most days. If this resistant to a lot of water it will be going in my bathroom!

I love this DIY bathroom makeover ideas of using stencils on the wall.

Watch this short video to see how she did it.




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