Fall Decorating Ideas For My Mantle

I was scrolling around Pinterest today looking for pretty and easy DIY ideas for decorating my mantle in the living room for Fall.

Here are a few I really like.  Which do you like best?

Fall mantle decorating idea - love the old rustic wondow - nice touch!

Love this Fall mantle decorating idea.  I think that old rustic -looking window adds a really warm “farmhouse” feel to it.


Fall mantle decor - neutral rustic look

This neutral Fall decor has a cozy touch to it. Such a simple chic and rustic way to decorate!


Decorate your mantle for fall with warm colors for a cozy rustic feel

I really like the idea of bringing the mums into the house. I’m not so sure about having lit candles in the fireplace with a toddler, may try to use LED candles instead!