15 Genius Road Trip Hacks and Ideas for Traveling with Kids

Sanity Saving Travel Hacks for Traveling with Kids

It’s summer and we are ALL taking off for vacation – but are you prepared to travel long distances with your children? If it’s your first road trip you will want to check out these hacks and ideas to help make sure your vacation is filled with fun and happy memories instead of stress and anxiety. As a parent it’s hard to enjoy anything if your little one isn’t enjoying it! So make sure you have everything you may need for your road trip!

If you have ever taken an unprepared or under prepared road trip with your kids before, you know it can be frustrating… to say the least. Depending on the age you are probably going to hear a lot of complaining or crying and “are we there yet”s. The first road trip we took my son on was a 7 hour trip to the beach… I thought I was prepared, I was NOT! Nowadays…. I don’t even take him to the doctor’s office without a “Travel Bag”.

For longer road trips I got an activity lap desk and he LOVES it! It is good for coloring, games, eating and so many other things like making sure the toys stay in front of him instead of on the floorboard.

If you have a road trip or vacation planned with your kids, you should take note of these awesome ideas or Pin them for later. They will keep your kids busy and happy while you travel and are sure to save your sanity!

Make your travel experience FUN – not stressful!

1. Put together ‘busy baskets’ for the kids from the dollar store

Dollar Store Road Trip Busy Baskets for Kids

2. Add a backseat organizer to save space

Backseat Organizer for Road Trips with Kids

3. Use sandwich containers for on-the-go snacks

Road Trip and On The Go Snack Ideas for Kids

4. Create a word building activity kit with magnets

Word Building with Magnets for Kids

5. Surprise Bags for the “are we there yet” kids =]

DIY Travel Surprise Bag for Road Trips with Kids

6.  Snack Mix in a Small Accessories OrganizerHealthy Snack Box Mix for Travel with Kids

7. Alphabet Book with Sheet Protectors and Stickers

Alphabet Travel and Learning Book for Kids

8. Organization Bags for Actvities, Snacks and First Aid

Car Organization Bags for Traveling with Kids

9. DIY Magnet and Dry Erase Board Using a Cookie Sheet

Easy DIY Travel Magnet and Dry Erase Board for Kids

10. Print or Create a Scavenger Hunt for Your Road Trip

Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Road Trip and Travel Activities

11. DIY a “Would You Rather” Game to Play with Your Kids

100 Example Would You Rather Questions

Road Trip Activities to Play with Kids

12. DIY Coloring Cases with Sticky Notes

DIY Coloring Cases with Crayons and Sticky Notes

13. DIY Snack Containers Using Coffee Mate Containers

Easy DIY Snack Containers for Traveling with Kids

14. Busy Bags Using Cheap Pencil Cases

DIY Busy Bags for Road Trips and Vacations

15. Healthy Snack Bags for Long Road Trips

Healthy Food Prep for Travel and Long Road Trips with Kids


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