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From newborn to toddler – bibs are seriously an amazing thing! But when it comes down to finding a way to organize your baby’s bibs it’s harder than you would think! Babies are messy and if you want to save those cute little baby outfits, well… then you gotta keep the bibs handy! It is important that you store the ‘everyday bibs’ somewhere that is both simple and efficient. Having bibs within arms reach of the highchair will also make your life so much easier!


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Check out these unique and functional solutions for storing and organizing baby bibs!

#1 Giraffe Paper Towel Holder

This little guy is so cute! I looked all over to find out what exactly the “giraffe” was – and it’s this awesome paper towel holder re-purposed into the perfect bib storage solution! And what’s better… they come in not only giraffe, but dinosaurs too!

Cute Giraffe Paper Towel Holder to Hold Bibs - Such A Clever and Unique Bib Organization Idea! Check out all of the other awesome ways to organize your little ones bibs at! #luresandlace

#2 Command Hooks Inside Cabinet

Hanging stuff inside of cabinets is a great way to make use of I have seen so many ideas lately I have tried to put some off brand hooks on the inside of my cabinet before, but they never held very well. Maybe real command hooks would work better – it’s definitely worth trying out because this idea is this is I think it would work for me I would totally try to hang bibs in my cabinet door!

Use command hooks to store bibs inside your kitchen cabinet right there with the bottles and other feeding supplies! This is a genius idea! Check out all of the other awesome ways to organize your little ones bibs at! #luresandlace

#3 Back Of The Highchair Bib Storage

Another great use of command hooks! Just put one large command hook on the back of the highchair and hang your bibs!

Command hooks are a must have for moms! Stick one on the bsck of the highchair for easy access! Check out all of the other awesome ways to organize your little ones bibs at! #luresandlace

#4 Toy Links Attached To Highchair

Those little toy links are super useful! We used them to lock cabinets, attach toys to the car seat and sippy cups to the stroller. I love how the bibs are exactly where you need them at all times. But – once baby starts walking or even crawling you may want to move them to somewhere a little higher up so they don’t all end up in the floor.

#5 Re-purpose Your Old Coffee Pod Carousel

Honestly, I can say that this would have never crossed my mind. I had to add it to the list because it is unique and pretty nifty – so if you happen to have one of these k-kup holders laying around you should try it out to see if it is a practical bib storage solution.

Re-purpose your old coffee pod organizer into the perfect baby bib storage solution! #babybibstorage

#6 Over-the-Door Closet Organizer

This is perfect for those special occasion bibs, like for holidays and birthdays, or the ones that match specific outfits. You probably wouldn’t want to store the bibs you use daily here.

#7 Hang Bibs On A Hanger

This is a great way to store those bibs that you don’t use often like for holidays, special occasions or ones that match certain outfits. I would also do this in the laundry room to hang bibs on as soon as they are clean. I’m sure this would have saved me a huge hassle of trying to fold them or lay throw them in the dresser drawer.

#8. Back of Highchair Bib Storage Using a Piece of Cloth

I have the same exact highchair and this has to be the best bib storage solution for this highchair. Why didn’t I think of this?! You could use any piece of cloth or fabric that is long enough to loop through the top two strap holes (see below image). You could use a scarf or even cut an old t-shirt to make this work for you!


#9 Velcro Inside Cabinet

So smart and simple! Just place a piece of velcro inside your cabinet door or wherever you would like and then velcro your bib to it!

#10 Hanging Shower Caddy / Organizer

I have seen people use these shower organizers to create a bottle drying station before, but using it for bottle and bib storage is genius! So neat looking and look how many bibs it holds!

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10 Clever Ways To Organize Baby Bibs - Practical Storage and Organization Ideas for Bibs

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