Fall Mantle Decorating Ideas

Now that Fall is officially here and the weather is cooling down – I feel like it’s finally time to decorate! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! I absolutely love decorating my fireplace mantle for all the different seasons and holidays throughout the year! I went to Pinterest to find inspiration and ideas to decorate!

I found quite a few easy DIY ideas and beautiful decorations for your living room fireplace and mantle for Fall.

Here are a few of my favorites – I never can decide if I should go colorful or neutral. So there is a little bit of both!

(make sure to Pin the ones you like so you can find them when your shopping for decor!)

Love the “Season of Thanks” sign! Old rustic windows can complete any look and they are so versatile! Really helps to add a farmhouse style Fall touch to the room!

There is just something that draws me to neutral decor – especially for Fall and Christmas. (…I guess I’m not too big on colors? ) Neutral decor gives such a cozy feel to the room and always looks classy!

There’s another old rustic window – I just love them! The mums actually look really nice by the fireplace. And I’ve never thought about it before, but I think I may put some LED candles in my fireplace like shown above. Such a neat idea!

Here’s some more neutral decor! I like how no matter what – as long as the pieces are a neutral tone everything will match. That may be my favorite thing about it! So simple, yet so pretty! 

The chalkboard sign really sets the tone here! The decor is minimal and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

This fireplace set up actually looks a lot different than the others. I really like the decor they used and how it is all tied together.

I need that “hello Fall” sign in my house – NOW! (and that fireplace…) I am in love with how the Fall decor is stretched past the mantle throughout the rest of the living room!

My favorite – the neutrals! Very little decorations used and it still looks great!

I need to know where they got their decorations from! I love the different signs and that pillow! 

I wish I was talented enough to put this many completely different pieces of decor together and make it look as beautiful as they did! The baskets are great for storage and putting the magazines by the fireplace is such a cute idea!

This has a very elegant feel to it – maybe best for a sitting room or something similar. It is a perfectly put together fireplace mantle with just the right amount of decorations! 

Oh so colorful! It’s just the right amount of decor and color so it isn’t overwhelming. I bet that fuzzy throw blanket is SO comfy and it fits in perfectly! Love it!

I really like how the neutral decorations are used for this fireplace! The tobacco basket is the perfect statement piece and it completes the look for this farmhouse style mantle.

“You are never too old to jump in the leaves” 

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