Teen Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Teenage Room Makeover On A Budget

How to redo a teenage girl’s bedroom if you’re on a budget and/or it’s a really SMALL bedroom? Below are some cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom that I LOVE!

A teens bedroom is their sanctuary, where they spend basically all of their time. Of course, it’s for sleeping… but it’s also for homework, hanging out, and SO much more. If you’re a parent looking to re-decorate your Teenagers room, make sure your first step is to ask THEM what they want out of their new room. It needs to be more than just a bedroom. It’s the only place they can freely express themselves.

So how can you make your bedroom amazing?

Well keep on reading and you’ll find out ways to decorate that you’ve never even thought of. I’ve gathered some pretty awesome ideas and images to help you create the bedroom of your dreams!

Let’s make your bedroom your OWN “happy place”!

It’s time to give your bedroom a makeover!

Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover and Decorating Ideas - Teenage Room Makeover on a Budget - cheap and easy DIY teen bedroom makeover ideas to redo a teenage girl's bedroom

Teen Bedroom Layout

Teenage Room Makeover on a Budget - cheap and easy DIY teen bedroom makeover ideas to redo a teenage girl's bedroom -Room Layout Drawing on Graph Paper to Rearrange a Room

You should start out drawing a layout of your bedroom and add any windows and doors to your bedroom plans. It doesn’t matter if you have a small bedroom or a giant bedroom. You will need to figure out how much room you have in different areas in order to make your new bedroom more functional as well as allowing you to create more space where needed.

If you want to get extra technical, you can measure in between the windows and doors, measure your bed, dresser, nightstands, desk, or any other furniture so you know where it will fit when you rearrange it or if you are getting new furniture you will know what bed size to get and what additional pieces of furniture you should/should not purchase.

You can use graph paper and to draw your bedroom layout and to draw and cut out the pieces of furniture in your room to figure out how you will place them to design your new bedroom.

Teen Bedroom Themes

Picking a theme for your bedroom that you can base your decorating off of it the next step. You should pick something that allows you to showcase your unique personality. Choosing your bedding first will allow you to find paint colors and decor that will match your new theme.

There are many options when picking a theme for your new bedroom!

A beautiful down comforter with a duvet cover like this allows you to change up your theme as well.

You can go for a cool, funky, retro look or you can do a neutral, cozy rustic design. Both of these offer MANY different ways to add a lot of distinct decor to your bedroom.

Teen Bedroom Theme Ideas - Teenage Bedroom Makeover Ideas on a budget

Teen Bedroom Colors

Painting the walls in your bedroom will give the entire room a fresh new look from the start. If you are into dark, bold colors you can add an accent wall like this to the room and make the other three walls a lighter color to make things stand out.

Painting an entire room a dark color can make it look smaller unless you add light colored furniture or decor.

You could also paint the ceiling with a solid color, stripes or chevron to give the room a POP of color!

Teen Bedroom Color Ideas - Accent Wall - Teenage Room Makeover on a Budget - cheap and easy DIY teen bedroom makeover ideas to redo a teenage girl's bedroom

Teen Bedroom Furniture

If you are choosing new furniture, there are some things you need to consider before choosing a basic bed frame.

One of them being that the new furniture you purchase may be what is taken along when moving out, so a standard furniture set like this that will last for years to come is always a smart decision.

Another is if friends are over often you could add a bunk beds like these or a cute futon like one of these to the room so there are extra seating and sleeping space or…

Get a cool bunk bed with a desk area underneath to create even more space!

A futon like this can also double as a small “living room” area in their room. Which as we all know, is super cool to have in your bedroom as a teenager!

If you are keeping the furniture that is already in your room and you want a change, you can revamp it! Paint the old furniture or re-stain it to give it a fresh new look! If you have furniture in your room or house that is unused, think of how you could repurpose it. Change an old dresser into a storage bench or an old desk into a makeup vanity.

Repurposed Desk into a Make Up Vanity - Teen Bedroom Ideas

Teen Bedroom Decor

Always save the best for last!

Decorating a bedroom as a teenager is the highlight of the room makeover. This is the part where you can choose items for your room that fit your personality and show who you are and what you love.

You can hang paintings like one of these or put cute wall decals like these up on your walls in a style that fits your personal preference.

Adding decor to the bedroom isn’t something that has to be done all at once, this is something that you can purchase over time so every single thing in your new room is exactly what you want!

Teenager Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Girls

DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas

DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas for Teen Girls Bedroom - Put painters tape on a canvas and paint with coordinating colors from your bedroom to create beautiful and creative wall art for your room!

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