90+ Beautifully Designed Countertop Coffee Stations

Kitchen Counter Coffee Station Inspiration

Kitchen coffee bars and coffee stations have become more and more popular over the past couple of years. You have probably seen them on Pinterest, Instagram, or maybe even in a friends kitchen. If you are thinking about setting up a coffee bar or coffee station in your home, you have come to the right place! I have put together over 90 different countertop coffee station ideas to help inspire you to create your own!

You can re-purpose a piece of furniture to create a coffee bar like in this post. Or if you are limited on space you can put together a small coffee station on your kitchen counter using the basic necessities – just throw in a cute spoon rest and maybe a small sign to hang on the wall behind it to liven it up a bit. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to creating your own miniature coffee shop in your home.

While the idea of saving counter space and moving your coffee maker, all of its accessories and cute little decorations to a separate area (off of your counter) may seem nice, sometimes that just isn’t possible.

So for those of us who literally don’t have the space for an extra piece of furniture in our kitchen or just don’t want to add one – check out these perfectly decorated countertop coffee stations.

Don’t Forget↓↓↓

Make sure you Pin your favorites to your Home Coffee Bar Board on Pinterest so you can easily find them!

Trust me – if you find something that inspires you, even if it is just one photo, you will want to have that to refer back to when you are putting your coffee station together or when you are shopping for decor and accessories! 🙂

Now… Let’s get started!

90+ Beautifully Designed Countertop Coffee Stations for your Kitchen - This is the perfect alternative to putting a coffee bar in your kitchen!

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